It is very important to understand all about ground rent and service charge in order to avoid being subjected to unfair charges as well as a ground rent scandal. Having such information will help you know when to object if you are subjected to such unfair charges.

Service charges are payable to the landlord each and every year, this can relate back to the ground rent scandal. If you don’t pay the service charge on time, the landlord can add the amount. The landlord does not have any right to ask you to pay any amount of ground rent that is more than the amount stipulated on the lease. If by any chance the landlord ask you to pay more you have every right to object. If you feel like the amounts you are being charged for service charge are unreasonable, you can object too and ask for explanations why you are supposed to pay that amount of money.

If you don’t pay the ground rent like for 3 years and the debt accumulate to a certain number, the freeholder can get his house back. It is your responsibility and no matter how you feel the amounts are a bugbear you don’t have an otherwise. As a leaseholder you own the building and not the land it sits on and that’s why you are required to pay the ground rent. Once you have paid the service charge the landlord has the responsibility of maintaining the building, cleaning outside and some repairs like lighting of the building as a whole and roof repair among other services that you will agree on the lease contract. You should seek the help of a solicitor when purchasing a leasehold property so that he can explain to you all the clauses of the contract and you get to decide if it is worth it or not.